Balcom Canyon Cider

Balcom Canyon Cider (@balcomcanyoncider) is a small business hard cidery located in Ventura, California. They value natural, organic ingredients and producing ciders with health consciousness in mind. After forming their Brand Identity, we started creating Packaging Designs for each of their unique bottled and canned brews.


✿ Packaging


✿ Bottle & Can Label Designs


Art Direction & Copy:
Blake Kininmoth & Liz Niles

Design & Illustration:
Ashley Kim
Christian Galvin & Amy Sandberg

Creating bottle and can label designs for each of Balcom Canyon Cider's releases.

Illustrative, colorful, and eye-catching packaging. Each label design carefully considers the unique ingredients, distinctive flavors, price points, and seasons of release.

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Ciders at the base price point (see left) were designed with the same layout: a circular focal point, background pattern, and borders at the top and bottom of the label. These "ringer tee" inspired looks are perfect for casual, on-the-go events.

Special releases and ciders at higher price points (see right) showcase layouts with more scenic or minimal details. These designs consider the seasons in which they are released and are great for more formal events, family gatherings, or dinner parties.

Gateway Session

A transparent image of the Gateway Session Cider by Balcom Canyon Cider. Three tall cans with a vibrant label of a detailed farm scene of animals breaking out of a gate on top of a saturated light blue ellipse.

The Gateway Session label design introduces more characters at Balcom Canyon Cider's farm, and furthers the identity of mascot, Miss Moo.