Balcom Canyon Cider

Balcom Canyon Cider (@balcomcanyoncider) is a small business hard cidery located in Ventura, California. They value natural, organic ingredients and producing ciders with health consciousness in mind. The business and team have expanded since their start in 2018, which called for a grand Website Re-Design to further showcase the brand to a widening pool of consumers.


✿ Web Design
✿ UX Design


✿ Website Re-Design


Art Direction & Copy:
Blake Kininmoth, Liz Niles, Team

Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim, Amy Sandberg

Amy Sandberg, Christian Galvan

Re-designing Balcom Canyon Cider's website to propel their brand and create a stronger, more marketable online presence.

A straightforward, fun!, and user-friendly website experience balancing Balcom Canyon Cider's bright illustration style with organized Design.

The Landing Page

The re-designed landing page.
The re-design of the landing page was a collaborative effort focused on including key elements to grab the attention of visitors, while creating a comfortable navigational experience. The goal was to highlight the products and their health-conscious ingredients, easily find their locations, and emphasize the uniqueness of the illustrative brand. Giving each of the necessary points their opportunity to shine, while avoiding the doomed "endless scroll", was a priority.
The old landing page featured a minimal and simplistic approach. The new landing page showcases an engaging and more branded design.

The Illustrations

Landing page header illustration.
The goal for the header image of the re-designed landing page was to create a bright, engaging, and active illustration aligned with the fun nature of the brand. Balcom Canyon Cider's team mascot, Miss Moo, takes center stage in full form! Taking inspiration from the Gateway Session Cider label design, the header image includes some recognizable characters in the familiar farm landscape. *Fun Fact*: The dog characters were inspired by the owners' actually pets.
The icons I created for the landing page are displayed in the What Sets Us Apart section. Each icon reflects a characteristic that highlights the health-consciousness of the brand and each cider brew.
'Where To Buy' page header illustration.
The header illustration for the re-designed Where to Buy page takes visitors on a journey through the landscapes which have inspired by the brand and cider label designs. From the left, we see Miss Moo at the farm that originally reflects where Balcom Canyon Cider started and is featured on the Gateway Session Cider. Then, we move into the desert of the Imperial Ale Cider and ranches of the Ginger Mule Cider ending with a nod to the beaches of Ventura, where the cidery now exists.
Ciders are *the* product of Balcom Canyon Cider, but most importantly, the ingredients are what make each cider unique. Consequently, I wanted the display of the products to be eye-catching, as well as highlight the illustrations from the label designs that reflect those special ingredients.
Merch is Balcom Canyon Cider's second product and I wanted the displays to match the funky, fun, and eye-catching qualities of the ciders'. Continuing to play with the patterned background, each display highlights the designs of each tee.