Balcom Canyon Cider

Balcom Canyon Cider (@balcomcanyoncider) is a small business hard cidery located in Ventura, California. They value natural, organic ingredients and producing ciders with health consciousness in mind. Started during the pandemic, Blake and Liz reached out to form their Brand Identity. Together, we created a signature mascot and Logo, Color Palette, and collaborated on Shirt Designs.


✿ Brand Identity


✿ Color Palette
✿ Logo
✿ Merch


Art Direction & Copy:
Blake Kininmoth & Liz Niles

Design & Illustration:
Ashley Kim

Logo (Mark & Type)


Creating a “Western”-themed logo to honor the town of Bardsdale, where Balcom Canyon Cider was first established; a rural community in Ventura County with horses, cattle, and farms.


Introducing... Miss Moo! The playful and bold cow mascot of Balcom Canyon Cider.

The Logomark
Key Words:
     ✿ Simple
     ✿ Hand-drawn
     ✿ "Western"/ Cowboys
     ✿ Farms/ Ranches
     ✿ Cattle/Horses
In the first sketches, I focused on creating simplistic forms inspired by the Key Words given by the client. My goal was to create a bold and memorable mascot that could stand alone without a logotype.
First Sketches for Logomark.
Second Sketches for Logomark.
In the second sketches, favorites were narrowed down by the client. The ‘B C’ lettering was added to highlight the brand and contrast was added to create a more dynamic visual.
The Logotype
Variations of “Western” fonts were introduced for the Logotype to recognize Balcom Canyon Cider's beginnings in Bardsdale, a town of ranches and farming.

Hand-drawn fonts were selected to emphasize the naturalness of the products: ciders with organic, locally-sourced ingredients, gluten-free, no sugar added.
The Final Logo
The cow bust, endearingly named "Miss Moo", and a hand-drawn logotype were selected as the final logo. The final Miss Moo mark includes more dimension, details, contrast, and smoother lines. The final logotype was rounded to better suit the final mark. While the final logo includes both the type and mark, they can be used separately for greater adaptability.
The Logo Readaptation
Pink digital outline of Miss Moo for the Hibiscus Cider. The image shows a pink line drawing of a cow wearing a cowboy hat, flowery lei, with a hibiscus for an eye
Miss Moo was showcased with a Hibiscus spin for the packaging design of Balcom Canyon Cider's first cider release: the Hibiscus Hard Cider.

The goal was to highlight the Hibiscus flower quite literally, in the lei, the details, and Miss Moo's eye. The readapted version of Miss Moo also features red and pink tones resembling the colors in the cider brew itself. This readapted version was also featured on a shirt design.
Photo credit: Balcom Canyon Cider. Photo of 3 Hibiscus Cider bottles on a pink table in front of a Bougainvillea bush. The cider bottles are clear with a pink/peach liquid inside. The labels have a circle with the Miss Moo cow head design with "Balcom Canyon" and "Hibiscus Hard Cider, Beer Style" written around it

Color Palette

Natural, organic ingredients are the true representation of Balcom Canyon Cider's brand. These ingredients have in turn grown to define the brand's color palette. The colors found in each cider's packaging design was guided by what could be associated with each brew's unique ingredients and flavors. Through this evolution, a mix of bright tints and shades emerged.

Hover over the flowers to see how they taste

An animated gif of Balcom Canyon Cider's full logo in an ellipse changing colors displaying all the colors of their color palette.Balcom Canyon Cider's color palette

Shirt Designs

Creating shirt designs to promote the brand highlighting Balcom Canyon Cider's logo.

Two simple, illustrative designs showcasing Miss Moo in her classic logo appearance and Hibiscus readaptation. These designs are unisex and aim to encourage cider drinking as an agendered activity.

Mockup template by graphicheroco at freepik.com. Image ID: Two white t-shirts showing front and back view against a light tan background. The top shirt showing front view reads: "Balcom Cnyon Hard Cider, Ventura County" with a pink and yellow hibiscus flower at the center. The bottom shirt showing back view reads: "Balcom Canyon Hard Cider, Ventura County" with a cow wearing a cowboy hat and lei (Miss Moo) all surrounded by a lavender flower outline.Mockup template by graphicheroco at freepik.com. Image ID: Two black t-shirts showing front and back view against a light blue background. The top shirt showing front view reads: "Balcom Canyon Hard Cider, Ventura County" with a cow's head wearing a shiny cowboy hat with a flower for an eye and flowers for spots in the center. The bottom right shirt showing back view reads: "Balcom Canyon Hard Cider, Ventura County" with an illustration of Miss Moo (a cow head wearing a cowboy hat and a rounded flower for an eye) at the center. Everything is enclosed in a white, circle outline