Love Death Design

Love Death Design is a team of creatives working "to reimagine future architectures through virtual and augmented reality projects". As winners of Unity Technologies' Unity for Humanity Grant, the team is working together to bring Gone to Water, a 3D, VR Documentary experience to life in order to raise awareness on environmental and health impacts stemming from urban oil production in Los Angeles (Tongva Land). Guided by the team, I created 2D Character Illustrations of activists, community members, and artists involved in the movement.


✿ 2D Character Illustrations


✿ Digital Illustrations


Art Direction & Concept:
Cat Ross & Marin Vesely

Ashley Kim

Gone to Water

"Home to nearly 7,000 active and idle oil wells, Los Angeles County is the largest active urban oil drilling location in the United States. Over 3.8 million LA County residents live less than a quarter mile from an oil well, with Black and Latinx communities disproportionately impacted. Populations living close to urban oil drilling sites are often exposed to hazards via inhalation of contaminated air, the ingestion of contaminated water and food, and absorption of pollutants through the skin. Residents are being knowingly poisoned where they live."

-Love Death Design
The "Characters"
Below are illustrations I created of Leaders, Activists, Mothers, and Artists living and advocating for the communities impacted by urban oil production in South Los Angeles (Tongva Land). These illustrations served as inspiration for the final 3D renderings.
The 3D Models
Below are previews of the final 3D renderings created by the Love Death Design team and collaborators.