Nana Jacqueline

Nana Jacqueline is a luxury fashion brand based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to femininity and effortless sexiness. During our three months together, I worked as a Multimedia Designer collaborating with the Nana Jacqueline team to create eye-catching and thoughtful designs highlighting their seasonal collections.


✿ Advertising
✿ Communication
✿ Illustration
✿ Marketing


✿ Blossom Collection: SS23
 -Email Newsletters
 -Social Stories

✿ HALO Collection: Resort '23
-Email Newsletters
 -Social Stories
-Web Banners

Palm Springs Holiday Collection: Cruise '23


Art Direction & Copy:
Owner, Heads of Marketing and E-Commerce

Nana Jacqueline Team

Design & Illustration:
Ashley Kim

Blossom  Collection: SS23

Email Newsletters: Simple
Eye-catching, simple newsletters inspired by the airy, light, and feminine aesthetic of the Blossom Collection.
Email Newsletters: Collage
Longer newsletters to showcase clothing from the Blossom Collection and highlight themes, e.g. vacation wear, bridal, influencers, etc.
Social Stories
Animated social stories translated from the email newsletters.

HALO  Collection: Resort '23

Email Newsletters & Details
Presenting the new collection while staying true to the brand despite the differing styles and colors from past collections.
Using similar branded assets from previous newsletters (fonts, main CTA Button) for customer familiarity, while creating a fresh, contemporary approach to highlight the new collection’s unique details.
The varying landscapes (open roads, rivers, deserts, and canyons) in Arizona where the campaign photoshoot took place heavily inspired my design for the HALO Collection's  assets. Subtle gold details, like borders and my 3D CTA Ring, were inspired by the gold accents found throughout the styles of this collection as well as the golden earth tones in the nature.
Social Stories
IG Stories created for the HALO Collection launch.
Banners for the HALO Collection featured on the landing page of the Nana Jacqueline website.

Palm Springs Holiday  
Collection: Cruise '23

My final project during my time at Nana Jacqueline were posters for their Cruise 2023 collection: Palm Springs Holiday. The team's vision for the design of this collection was a retro summer vacation in the beautiful desert of Palms Springs, California. My goal was to highlight daytime and nighttime ootds in this collection.