My illustration journey began with Visual Art in the studios of U.C. Berkeley in 2009 and more recently evolved into the digital realm. Drawing has always helped me to process emotions and translate the hard moments of life into something more beautiful. Below are personal works from the past and present.

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A digital illustration of a bright green froggy wearing an orange jumpsuit-like bathing suit floating in blue water with a sandy colored dog resting on its stomach. A yellow-orange school of fish and a green turtle are swimming byDigital color illustration of a froggy laying down on grass next to a lake reading a book with a dog and crochet yarn & hook next to them. The grass is deep green and the water is blue. The dog is hay-colored and the crochet yarn is yellow. There are daisies with cream petals scattered around. The froggy has their mouth open in awe as they read the book and is wearing a bright red orange shirt and light blue jeans.A green froggy wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans is sitting on the grass with its arms wrapped around its legs. It sits and smiles down at a sandy-colored dog smiling and looking up at it. They are on green grass with a few daisies against a blue sky.A digital illustration of the inside of an apartment with cream walls and a yellow cream floor. At the foreground to the left is a small bench with two tall plants in vases. To the right in the background is an opening into an indoor garden where a pink transparent rabbit is sitting atop greenery eating. There are large windows in the apartment and outside, blurry high-rise apartments can be seen.A digital painting of the Stahl House at night with an amorphous figure admiring the nightscape. Photo ID: The backyard of a midcentury modern home shows a glowing green pool and jacuzzi in front of a house with floor-to-ceiling windows. A bright green, translucent, amorphous figure is seen looking out at the city lightsDigital illustration of buildings in Berlin against a background of a pink and purple sunset with a moon shining in the distant horizon. Two amorphous figures are sitting on top of a building next to each other, one's head on the other's shoulder A digital illustration of a transparent, light green amorphous figure standing and smoking a cigarette at night. They are standing in the right foreground in front of a Korean-style bar and there are other businesses receding out to the left of the figure. The red lights of the business are shining onto the building behind them. In a window above the building is the reflection of a full moon. In the background are blurry high-rise apartment buildings with green-ish lights on.A digital illustration of two spirit-likeA digital portrait of Michelle Yeoh from Everything Everywhere All At Once. Photo ID: an Asian woman with a pinkish face is smiling with her medium-length hair waving in the air. There are spots of blood on her face and a googly eye at her forehead's centerDigital illustration of Jobu Tupaki from the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once. Photo ID: A pinkish face is seen wearing neon green googles on her forehead and a neon green costume with fluffy protrusions. The figure is standing on a sandy foreground and the sky is dark green with white blended clouds.Digital illustration of a boy with a pinkish face wearing a chef jacket looking shocked with a very surprised raccoon on his head pulling his hair. It has just been exposed that the raccoon controls the boy and cooks everything. From Everything Everywhere All At Once.An illustration of four women with long braids standing and braiding each other's hair. The girls represent the style of old Korean girls wearing hanboks (traditional Korean dresses). The girls have bright pink hair, light blue transparent skin. Their hanboks are pastel colors and the background is salmon pink.An animated GIF of a girl with two, long pink braids flying out behind her as she straddles a ghostly running tiger. The girl is wearing a cream and mint green hanbok (traditional Korean dress). The tiger is transparent orange with yellow and red stripes. Its face is colorful and cartoon-like and appears stunned as it runs. In the back are blurry trees of a forest.A digital illustration of a woman in a hanbok (traditional Korean dress) with her hair in a bun sitting on the shore and looking out into the ocean at night. There is a bright white half moon in the sky with dim stars. A shadow is cast behind her.A digital illustration of two men wearing Sailor Moon jean jackets and holding hands, floating in space above a bright white moon. The night sky is dark green with some speckled stars. A ring of cloudy smoke shaped like a heart surrounds themA digital illustration portrait of famous rapper Lil Nas X. The portrait is very dreamy and glowy. Lil Nas X is airbrushed in red and purple, wearing shiny diamond bracelets, with a diamond butterfly necklace and earring. His hand is touching his chin and he is looking forward. Behind him is a dreamy blue sky with whispy white clouds.A digital illustration of a silhouette of a human-like figure outlined by glowy white lines. Behind them is a dark blue sky full of stars.A digital illustration of doen-jang jjigae (a fermented soybean stew from Korea) in a ttukbaegi (a dark brown earthenware pot) seen sitting on a stove with a bright orange fire beneath it. Behind and above the stew is a circular view of a starry night sky with a yellow light beaming into the stew.A watercolor painting of a distressed woman with her head shaved crying. The woman is painted in muted towns of brown and blue and behind her is a halo of pastel yellow. The woman shaved her head in protest to the government's lack of action after her child drowned and died on the Sewol Ferry, which sunk off the coast of South Korea and drowned hundreds of high school students.A black ink drawing of two young Korean people with their hands cupping their faces sitting side by side. The woman is on the left and has black wavy hair. She is wearing red lipstick and a black shirt. The man is on the left with short black hair and wearing a formal white shirt. This drawing remembers Choi Jin-Sil & Cho Jin-Young, two celebrity siblings in South Korea who took their lives. May they rest in peace.An ink painting of black figures rushing and carrying the gold silhouette of a body. An ink line drawing of a young Palestinian woman wearing a hijab painted in gold and wearing a lab coat. The woman was a nurse named Rouzan Ashraf Abdul Qadir al-Najjar and was shot and killed by Israeli Defense Forces while volunteering as a medic. May she rest in peace.An oval-shaped watercolor painting with nine faces painted in an oval formation with two crosses and flowers at the center. The faces are of Black folks at varying ages, all smiling. The background is pastel blue and the crosses are painted in gold. This painting was made to honor the victims of a senseless shooting at Emanuel African Methodist church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015. May they rest in peace.A color drawing of a fence covered in flyers, flowers, and a rainbow flag. To the left of the fence is a tall sign that reads "Pulse". There is a small gold halo above the sign. The drawing is from a photograph of a memorial built outside of Pulse nightclub, a gay club in Orlando, Florida where many people were fatally shot on a night out in June 2016. May they rest in peace.An ink painting of Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand surrounded by 51 flowers. Honoring the victims of the senseless shootings in Christchurch on March 15, 2019. May they rest in peace.An ink portrait of a young Chinese man with a tender expression. Behind him is a gold moon. The man is Ren Hang, an innovative, queer Chinese photographer. May he rest in peace.An ink and acrylic portrait of Sandra Bland, a Black woman who died in police custody after being pulled over for not using a turn signal. A woman's face with a serious expression is shown. A gold circle is drawn around her head with gold paint inside. Small gold marks radiate from around the circle.A black ink pen drawing on gray paper of a cathedral (Berliner Dom in Berlin, Germany) with one gold window.A black ink line drawing of a wooden utility pole and power lines splaying out from it. Below are palm trees. The drawing is framed by a V-shaped line at the bottom mimicking the outline of house roofs.An ink line drawing of two cranes flying next to each other. Behind the crane to the left is a red circular outline. Behind the crane to the right is a gold sun.An ink drawing of a Korean shaman with a fan and a bell in each hand twirling around. At each corner are mugunghwa (hibiscus flowers). The shaman is dressed in a white hanbok (silk Korean traditional dress) with a small hat. A diptych; two black ink, horizontal drawings are placed next to each other. On the left is a head laying on its side of a young Korean woman with her hair draped across her face looking forward. To the right is a headless body tucking into itself like a ball.A black ink drawing of a head on top of a puddle. The head is of a young woman with a strange expression. The head is a bit blob-like, appearing to be slightly meltingA photo of b&w ink drawings showing a butterfly flying at the top. Underneath to the left is a drawing of a butterfly trapped in a web. On its right is a butterfly getting wrapped by a spider on its web. At the very bottom is a drawing of a corpse's head with flowers growing out from its eye.A black ink brush drawing of a black hand wavingA black ink brush drawing of one white hand shaking a black hand to the left. On the right is another white hand holding two pens.A black ink painting of Colin Kaepernick, a prominent American civil rights activist and former NFL quarterback. He is seen from the side in his football jersey looking over to the viewerA black ink line drawing of a skull with a halo and dash marks surrounding it. Beneath the skull are the words, "Enlighten Me"Acrylic painting of a single white rose blooming on a leafy branch in front of a cinderblock wall with a pink and blue sunset in the background