Hi! I'm Ashley Kim.

I am:
  Multimedia Designer
✏  Illustrator
 Korean American

I value:
• Accessibility
• Community
• Compassion
• Diversity/ Equity/ Inclusion
• Intersectionality
• Kindness

My specialties:
• E-Newsletters
• Illustration
• (Light) Image & Video Editing
• Logos
• Marketing Assets
• Packaging
• Posters
• Print & Digital
• Social Assets
• (Light) UI/UX Design
• Web & Mobile Banners

My favorite softwares:
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Premiere Rush
• Figma
• Klaviyo
• ProCreate
• Shopify
• Squarespace
• Webflow

Design that excites me:
• Branding
• Communication
• Marketing
• Packaging

Digital color illustration of a froggy laying down on grass next to a lake reading a book with a dog and crochet yarn & hook next to them. The grass is deep green and the water is blue. The dog is hay-colored and the crochet yarn is yellow. There are daisies with cream petals scattered around. The froggy has their mouth open in awe as they read the book and is wearing a bright red orange shirt and light blue jeans.

I love:
• Experimenting with tactile crafts
• Nature in all its forms
• New ideas
• Open convos
• Reading
• Self Growth
• Technology
• Traveling
• Trying new foods

I am currently seeking a full-time, in-house Graphic Designer role in Fashion, Tech, Toys, or at a Creative Agency.